Are you really so helpless?

Acharya Prashant
5 min readAug 21, 2020

When you are really helpless, when you are really helpless then there is no suffering left, because to be really helpless is to be with an undivided consciousness.

A consciousness with no choices, no options — that is ‘helplessness’.

Suffering is there not as a result of helplessness, but as a result of dishonesty.

The corpse is helpless, does it suffer? Have you seen a corpse? Have you seen how helpless it is? You put it on the ground, does it complain? You twist its arm, does it complain? You spit on its face, does it complain? It might be a King’s corpse, you call it foul names, does it complain? That’s helplessness. It does not complain, and it does not suffer.

If there is actual helplessness, it is the actual end of all suffering.

And here you are, and you are saying that there is lot of suffering in your life. There is pride, there is greed, there is pain, there is evil, there are obstacles on the way to Lord, and then you are saying that you are helpless.

You are not helpless. In fact, you are suffering because of your guilt.

Guilt is suffering.

You know what is Guilt?

Guilt is when you are actually the culprit.

Guilt is, when you are doing something wrong, and you know that.

If inadvertently, totally, without your involvement, or cooperation, something happens, then you are not guilty. Are you?

Guilt is when with your consciousness, with your approval, with your involvement, you are still letting evil to happen, actually abetting it.

That is when you are guilty.

And all suffering is Guilt.

You cannot suffer without being guilty.

Existence is not unjust, in this dimension.

If you find yourself suffering, know that you are guilty.

Don’t say that you are helpless, you are guilty. And you are willingly guilty. There is much that you can do. Alright, there is at least something that you can do. You are not doing it. Or there is much that you can stop, or there is something that you can stop, but you are not stopping it. So you are guilty.

Acharya Prashant