Be cautious of your animal nature

Acharya Prashant
2 min readAug 2, 2020

Physical survival is necessary, but the types of fears that we experience, they won’t even help you survive physically. The snake is inside its little box or a cage in a zoo, and you’re still shivering. How is it helping in your survival?

A little baby snake, 8 inches long, is surrounded by 30 people and they’re killing it. How is it helping in your survival? Jealousy, for example, is very much something which evolution has taught you and you needed it at the time. Especially jealousy in gender relations, the man–woman stuff, it was needed. It was a survival tool when man was a chimp. Chimpanzees are jealous. In fact, you visit animals and whatever you find common between yourself and animals, is the stuff that you should be very cautious of.

Man must observe animals and whatever you see the animal exhibiting is something we must be cautious of.

Animals have lots of jealousy, and jealousy is a survival tool. Animals have lots of attachments — animals compete, animals are violent, animals even deceive each other. All these are survival tools. Animals monopolize areas, animals escape, and they have defense mechanisms. All these are needed for physical survival. My question to you is, do you really need these things for your survival? Even physical survival, I’m not talking about inner survival. Even for your physical survival, do you really need all these things? If you don’t need these things, then why are you harboring them, nurturing them, why? Chimpanzees needs these things, let them have them. You don’t need these things, throw them away.

As far as evading a physical danger is concerned, I don’t know whether the evolutionary tricks that you learned in the jungle will help you in today’s metropolitan USA.

In the jungle, one evolutionary trick is sufficient — see danger, just run away. In the jungle, what’s the evolutionary trick that you’ve learnt — see danger, avoid danger. Will this trick help you in uptown America? You run away and you’re mowed down by a car. You’re running away from the robber and what happens to you? You’re mowed down by a car. This was a good trick in the jungle, not anymore. Why do you want to deploy this trick today?

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