Before choicelessness, comes the right choice.

Acharya Prashant
5 min readApr 2, 2020

It’s strange, but choicelessness comes to you via. the right choice. Before choicelessness can come to you, make the right choice.

The Scriptures put it this way: “Before you can move into the guna-ateet (beyond gunas, beyond properties), move into sattva-guna (the property of goodness, virtuousness). Before you can move into that which is beyond properties, the nirguna, you must first move into sattva-guna.”

Do the right thing, before you can be a non-doer. Why is it said that you must do the right thing, before you can be a non-doer? Because you are anyway used to doing, and you have been doing all the wrong things.

Now that you have been doing the wrong things, wake up to your power to choose, your right to choose, and do a few things right. And then you will slowly discover that you don’t even need to do. That is called ‘non doership’. Similarly, for choicelessness to descend upon you, at least first make good choices.

If you can make a choice to become engaged, and involved, and emotional, can’t you make a choice to not to become engaged, and involved, and emotional? Or do you have control only one way? What kind of a driver are you?

You say that you are able to drive well only when you are driving on the wrong side. And when you are in the right lane, you cannot drive well. You are cheating yourself. If you ever happen to be such a driver, what would you do?

You’re riding an Uber, and the driver is constantly driving on the wrong side. And he says, “I can drive well only when I make the wrong choice, wrong side.” I then tell you, “Save your life, press the emergency button. This driver is a cheat.” This driver is you.

You’re very good when it comes to making all the noise, and all the mischief; then you are very alert and energetic. But when it comes to doing the right thing, you say, “You see I am dull, and foolish, and I don’t understand anything.”

When it comes to creating chaos, then he knows everything. But you send him to fetch a few vegetables from the market, he will say, “I don’t know where pumpkins are, and potatoes are.” But he very well knows from where to get all the chemicals to assemble a bomb. Then he is very smart.