Beyond Censorship: Movies in an intelligent society

Acharya Prashant
2 min readJul 9, 2020

Following is an extract from Acharya Prashant’s interview on: ‘Rape and Retribution: Perspectives of Justice’

We have had a spate of movies in recent years where the protagonist is a de-facto criminal. And he’s being lionized.

If the hero in the popular consciousness himself is a debauched criminal, what do you expect the general populace to be?

If your role model is a lout and a scoundrel, what do you expect is going to happen to the population?

And I’m not even talking of draconian or authoritarian measures where you just increase censorship to a point where you start controlling and curbing all media rather than regulating it. I’m talking of a revolution in man’s consciousness.

I’m talking about a situation where a movie like that is released. The censor board does not even ask for cuts, no editing is needed.

I’m talking of a situation where even if such a movie is released, and let it be released, but the public taste is elevated to a point where the public finds it puke worthy, distasteful. And the movie falls flat.

That would be the real dis-incentive for the producer against coming up with any such similar venture in the future. After all, the final consumer of all kinds of nonsense is the individual, the common man. And that is where the change must happen.

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