Care for something beyond the body

Acharya Prashant
2 min readJul 6, 2020

Be careful. So many of you are in that age where you form relationships with the other gender. Have you seen what happens? One of us says that, “Yeah, I become very caring towards the girls I get associated with.” What is this care? “Oh, why are you taking an auto rickshaw, let me drop you in my car.” What are you caring for, her body? That’s all that you know?

That’s your definition of care, right? Or do you mean spiritual liberation when you say care?

And there would be another couple where the girl would become very particular about what the boyfriend is eating. “Take a little more! Eat a little more!” Why are you sinking him, why? Why are you making him feel again and again that he’s a body?

The man’s definition of care is, the woman should not be raped; the woman’s definition of care is, the man should not lose weight. This is your definition of mutual love, right? When the boy says, “I care for the girl”, all he means is that, “Now it is 9 pm and I’ll drop you home, I’ll not let you take an auto rickshaw.” And when the woman says she cares, she means that, “I’ll bring you some pickles and some good food and some fresh milk so that you remain fit.” What is this?

In fact that is the reason why often people marry. The man would say, “Need somebody to run my house.” The woman would say, “Need somebody to take care of me.” Martha weds Martha! And you call it love, right? You feel so pleased when the voice on the other side says, “Did you take a bath?” You feel somebody is really bothered about you.

Today, you take such great care of your husbands flesh and vice versa also. Husbands take great care of their wives’ flesh. Would you even touch that flesh after he’s gone? Why?

Then take care of that within him that lives. And it’s not flesh that lives. Would you touch his flesh after he’s dead? Would you kiss and have intercourse with the flesh? Then there is something else within him that lives, right? Take care of that. If you really love, then take care of that. Don’t act like the mother. Don’t just keep stuffing food in the name of love.

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Acharya Prashant