Denial of your suffering is Maya

Acharya Prashant
2 min readJul 8, 2020

It requires great intelligence to admit one’s madness. The mad one, is usually going to be the last one to admit that he is mad. The mad one is more likely to say, “I am the divine blissful Atma.”

Spirituality is not the art of mugging up stuff from here and there. It is first of all a deep cry to not remain as one currently is or has become.

One says, Maya is just a concept, ego is just a concept. I do not know whether they are a concept. What I know is that your face is the face of Maya. Maybe you too are a concept. Maybe Ravi, Ramesh, Suresh (Indian first names) all are just concepts.

What is Maya? Your unmitigated suffering is Maya. Do you want to deny that you live in a total anarchy, disorder, chaos, a psychological imbalance? That is Maya!

There is no proof of anything except one’s own inner honesty. If you come and make a loud claim that you are contended, never disturbed, never threatened, fine! Your claim will be accepted, to each his own. If you come and say, that you need not be cautious of Prakriti, Advidya, Maya because you are the great Sakshi (witness) beyond any disturbance, beyond any temptation, beyond any threat, beyond greed and fear. Then wonderful, nothing like it, you have already arrived. Only you know where.

There would be nobody to dispute your claims, but why do you want to deceive yourself?

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