Destiny Is That Which Is Unavoidable!

Acharya Prashant
5 min readSep 21, 2019

Acharya Prashant : (to listeners) What do you mean by destiny?

Listener: Blessed, that which is blessed or that which is decided, or pre-decided. I think it is from the law of karma.

AP: No Karma is pre-decided, so destiny obviously cannot be related to karma. That which pre-exists, pre-exists karma also, so karma cannot be the decider of the destiny. Obviously.

L: I heard of the three types of karma — Agami, Prarabda, Sanchitta.

AP: All three have a background.

All three have a background, Agami, Prarabda, Sanchitta, all three have a background. And all three have their respective fruits. When you say destiny is something that is preordained, then obviously it has to go, prior to karma and even the cause of karma.

Destiny, really means, that, which is unavoidable,

that which, cannot be changed.

That which is inevitable. That pre-exists everything that happens. And that will exist post all happenings. And what is that? Nothing, but emptiness, Truth. Which was there before the beginning of time and which exists, even after, the time has withdrawn. That alone is destiny, nothing else.

I repeat,

Destiny is not the ‘fruit of action,’ but because we live in our limited prospective, so we take the results of our actions as our destinies.


Your real destiny is the Truth, the ‘real destiny’ is ‘peace.’

The proof of that is unless you get that real unless you get Truth and Peace. You will not relax.

Then you must ask if it is a matter of getting Truth or Peace, then surely they are not available, then why do we say that they are our destiny.

Remember that even when you trying to get the Truth or Peace, it is Truth and Peace that drive you.

What else will drive you towards the Truth? The false? Will the false power you to move towards the Truth. Even the so-called movement or journey towards the Truth cannot happen unless the Truth is there. That is why all journeys, are essentially false. Because the journey of Truth cannot be undertaken without the foundation of Truth. So that which you…

Acharya Prashant