Do Gurus really know what they are talking about?

Acharya Prashant
2 min readJun 7, 2020

Two things are possible: Either they know what they are uttering or they don’t. If they don’t know what they are uttering, then ignore them. Are they worthy of occupying your thoughts and your mind space?

If you come across a mad man, would you let him dwell in your mind for four hours?

Ignore him, he is not worthy of consideration right?

And then look at the second possibility, maybe they or some of them, do know what they are talking about, and if they do know what they are talking about, see if you want to benefit from them. Otherwise go your own way.

There have been enough teachers in history who most probably have known what they are talking about, right?

And one lifetime is not sufficient to benefit from them, their numbers are large. So why not just concentrate on them?

Why focus on the plethora of new age teachers?

There is really no need.

Have you exhausted the Upanishads? Have you exhausted the literature of the Saints?

If you have exhausted all that and still have the doubts left, then go to some living teacher. Otherwise sitting in front of a living teacher might be a trick of the Ego to avoid reading the basic texts.

Why talk of miscellaneous names when you have Yagyavalkya, when you have Aruni, when you have Ashtavakra.

Have these been exhausted in first place?

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