Confidence is fear

Acharya Prashant
4 min readDec 19, 2019

‘Confidence’ and ‘fear’ are actually two names for the same state of mind. Fearfulness says, “I’m at the risk of losing something important, that something important can be anything — money, security, respect, relationship, whatever.” Confidence says, “these things are important but I’m not at the risk of losing them.” What is common between confidence and fear?

Fear says, “what I have from the world is important and is at a risk of getting lost.” Confidence says, “what I have from the world is important but it is not at the risk of getting lost.” Now, what is common between ‘confidence’ and ‘fear?’

Both say, “what I have from the world is surely important.”

In fear, you feel that it might be lost.

In confidence, you feel that there is no threat of it being lost.

But remember, this feeling of no threat depends on time. What is not threatened right now, will be threatened after five minutes or after five days. Confidence will surely turn into fear because you have already made the basic preparation to be ‘afraid.’ The basic preparation to be afraid is the thought that what the world has given to me is ‘important’.

The root is there. Confidence is the point when the root has yet not expressed itself into the tree. The root is there. The tree is invisible. It has yet not come forth.

Fear is the stage when the root has become a full-grown tree but the root of both ‘confidence’ and ‘fear’ is the same, giving importance to external attainments.

Also, try to understand, when you are speaking to a friend, do you need confidence? Contrast that to, when you are speaking to an enemy, when you are in a position where you feel something at risk, something is threatened, you need confidence then. You do not need confidence in everyday situations at your home or with your friend but in the interview room, everybody says, “I need confidence.”

When do you need confidence? When does the situation of confidence arise?

The question of confidence arises only when you are afraid.

You see the linkage between ‘fear’ and ‘confidence.’ The one who is confident is surely afraid just that he is not realizing it at that point. If there is no fear, there is no need of