Do not give false treatments to your restlessness

Acharya Prashant
4 min readApr 14, 2020

If you are peaceful, if you are joyful, if you are centered, if you do not always feel like running after achievement, then no change is needed! Everything is alright.

Look at this, when you are running after achievement, what is it that you are saying? You are saying, “I want change.” Right? When you say, “I want success.” What is that you are saying? “I do not accept things as they are, and I want something new which I can call as success.” That is proof enough that there is something unsettled in the mind, that the mind is wandering.

If you are constantly looking towards the future, then you already want change. If I am well-settled and joyful in the present, why would I look towards the future? Obviously I want change.

If I am always in the need of entertainment, I want to watch a movie, I want to do something that takes away my boredom, then obviously I want change.

If my mind does not stay firm at one place, and is always wandering from here to there, then obviously my mind wants a change. If I sit down to do one thing and I find that the thoughts of other things are always coming into my mind, then obviously my mind wants change. If I keep complaining about the situations, then obviously my mind is wanting a change. Our life is a proof that we want change. Our every single thought and action is testimony to the fact that we want change.

But we are mistaken. We want change, yes. We feel bored, we feel restless, and we want change, but we are looking for the change at just the wrong places.

We think that the change lies in the future. We think that accomplishments can give us that change. We think that by becoming something in the future, that change will come. Or we think that change lies in a person or in an object; that by getting something, by getting money, by getting a house, by getting marks, by getting a job, by getting a girlfriend, that change can come. We are desperately in need of change, but we are mistaken in our diagnosis of what the disease is.

Yes, there is a great urge in the mind to change, but we do not understand that urge. We want satisfaction but we do not really know where that satisfaction will come from. So we are looking for that satisfaction at all the…