Do not search for the Truth, just be honest

Acharya Prashant
2 min readJun 13, 2020

Saadhna burns away all that which you have taken to be the Truth. It never takes you to the truth, it just burns away that which you have assumed to be the Truth. And these are two very-very different things, extremely different things.

One need not search for the Truth, one just needs to be honest and see how one has filled up his mind with assumptions about the Truth; the daily facts of living.

See how one taken the Truth to be this and that; the respect that Truth deserves, how one has compromised that respect to this and that; the love that must be reserved for the Truth, how one has squandered that love over this and that; the eternity that vests only in the Truth, how one has come to expect that eternity from a man or a woman, or from fame. Do you see how one uses fame as a substitute for timelessness?

All these are false Gods — the wife is the false Goddess, the husband is the false God, the boss is the false God, fame is the false God. Progress — a false God.

If you can remove all these false Gods from your life then God is anyway there, but see how many false Gods we have.

Forget the false ones. The real one is anyway there.

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