Does the human body have ‘chakras’?

Acharya Prashant
3 min readApr 4, 2020

Energy is something physical, there is nothing really, materially called chakras in the human body. You dissect the entire body and you will not find any chakra or anything. So, materially they do not exist, they are symbol. When you talk of the mooladhar chakra, you are only saying that the mind devotes a lot of its energy to its basic instincts. Mooladhar chakra denotes the circle, the enclosure of your basic biological sexual activity. Right? It is called the lowest chakra because man keeps thinking all the time of sex. And when man is thinking of sex, then it is a great bondage. Hence it is called as the lowest state.

Instead of talking about raising chakras, simply say, purify your thought. By talking of mooladhar chakra, you have put your concern elsewhere. Now you are saying that the chakra is responsible for your suffering, not your own mind. It is as if there is something wrong with the chakra. What is the chakra?

The chakra is there in the mind. Is there anything called mooladhar chakra when you are sleeping? The chakra is a figment of your consciousness, it’s an idea. So, rather directly talk of the idea, why talk of an object in the idea.

Talk of the mother of all ideation and that is the mind. It’s like this. You say that the world is the dog of god. And just as Sri Ramkrishna had said, that you should not be attached to the dog, one must avoid the world. Now you take that literally and what do you start doing? Instead of looking at your mind, instead of avoiding the rubbish in your mind, you start avoiding the dog. And a cult can grow around dog bashing.

They will have temples in which the satan is representated by a dog. Now what have you done? You have shifted the blame elsewhere. Instead of looking at your mind, all the time you are looking for a dog.

Now instead of looking directly into the life, you are looking around for chakras. Is this chakra rising, is this chakra falling. With some kind of a measuring tape, you are measuring where the chakra is.

Like a woman obsessed with her inches, always measuring her waist. Always measuring the mooladhar area. The mooladhar area is the hip. What are you doing. Why not directly talk of the real thing that is the mind.

All of these are colourful, captivating representations. The three serpents in your spine iddah, pingla, soshumna.

What a representation. And the three have different colours. One is yellow, one is blue, one is read, one is something else, and the other is something else. And then, they are opening in the cavity of the brain. And then, there is a small, hollow right up the head, the Brahmaranthra. All of that is nice imaginary but don’t be taken in by it.

That is just imagery. You don’t have any snakes that there. Snakes are not so obsessed with human beings.

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