Drifting without understanding

Acharya Prashant
2 min readJul 24, 2020

We are just drifting Sir, we are just drifting, waiting for the current to carry us somewhere.

And we are living in an illusion that we know where the current would carry us next because the current is flowing according to a schedule prepared in advance.

We are drifting for one thing to be over and next thing to start, with nothing meaning anything to us. You have a schedule with you, which says that today you are here, tomorrow you will be somewhere else, day after that you will be somewhere else. Then you will be sleeping somewhere. Then you will be catching a flight. Then you will be taking a train and then reaching somewhere else. Then again taking a bus and then reaching somewhere. And you are drifting. You are letting the schedule carry you.

Where is understanding in all this? It’s like a drunken man lying in a lorry, then starting to drive, doing what he pleases, and feeling secure that the driver has been appointed by you.

The fact that it is your schedule, made by you, is not a security. It is a bane, because the lorry is man-made and the driver has been set by your own mind. You are the driver.

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