Emotions are not a mistake but emotionality is

Acharya Prashant
2 min readMay 19, 2020

Emotions are neither good, nor bad. Emotions depend on the center that they are coming from.

If the emotions come from a center of fear, of grief, of insecurity, then because they are arising from insecurity, you will be attached to the emotions themselves.

Watching the emotions is not the same as being emotional.

Emotions are not a mistake but emotionality is.

Emotionality means being identified with the emotion. And when you are identified with the emotion, then you cannot know the emotion. You cannot watch the emotion. Then you cannot really see what is going on; then you are carried away by the emotion.

If someone says, “Emotions are not a mistake,” then he is saying something very dangerous if parallelly he is not saying that you should not let the emotion carry you away. You are far too big to be carried away by any emotion. Otherwise, we are all emotional.

Emotions are neither to be suppressed nor glorified. In fact, emotions are not at all the matter. The matter is the heart from where the emotions are coming from.

Neither do you need to suppress emotions nor is there a need to take emotions as something wonderful. If you suppress emotions, then you are again operating in preconditioned ways. And if you glorify emotions, then you are allowing that pre-conditioning to continue.

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