Enlightenment is not one event, it is a continuity in one empty Joy

Acharya Prashant
3 min readMay 16, 2020

If it is a model, an idea, a thought then you can very easily say what it is that you have known; because then you have concluded something.

When it comes to the Truth, when it comes to the Heart, you know that you can never say what it is that you have known.

Conclusions can be very easily expressed, realizations cannot be.

Conclusions can be, have to be, very easily expressed. Realizations cannot be expressed because essentially all that you realize is a cutting down of the clutter.

All realization is just clarity, emptiness. So all realizations are one. In fact realization can never be expressed as plural. Just as all empty spaces are one, similarly all realizations are one. Just as all zeroes are one, similarly all realizations are one.

Would you call a silence different from another silence? The infinite number of silences that you come across are just echoes of the same silence. In different situations, this and that, but the same silence. You can sit in front of the teacher a thousand times, and a thousand times you can realize. Again and again you can realize, but whenever you will realize, you will realize the same thing, which is nothing. That’s a joke.

The ordinary jokes become stale after the first use. Whenever you hear a joke for the second time, it has lost its value.

The great thing about the joke that realization is, is that you hear it again and again, and you very well know what it is, and yet is equally appealing. In fact its appeal keeps increasing with every subsequent encounter.

That’s the thing with everything real. It cannot diminish.

If you want to put it simply, factually, you say it doesn’t diminish, it holds its place. If you want to put it poetically, joyfully you would say, “though it keeps increasing, the real keeps increasing, it doesn’t even hold its place and magnitude”. In fact its enormity just keeps increasing and increasing.

Real love cannot diminish. If it wanes and waxes, comes and goes, it cannot be love. Real love only moves from depths to depths, heights to heights. Realization, respect, joy — if you find them crumbling, clouded, fractured…

Acharya Prashant