Food is not just food

Acharya Prashant
5 min readJan 29, 2020

On one hand is the wave of the intellect, productionism, consumerism, and on the other hand is also the entire stream of mystics, saints, people who respond to the call of the Heart.

You look at the last few centuries, even the declaration of rights of man came just three hundred years back. Then came the declaration of rights of slaves. And in the last century came the declaration of rights of women.

I am seeing that in the current century, we will see a very clear declaration of a new relationship between man and environment, climate change will catalyse that new relationship — the threat of climate change.

In a superficial way, it will be called as ‘an acceptance of the right of animals to live’, just as last century saw man accepting the rights of women to vote. You will soon see a broad consensus emerging on the right of all species to live and survive in their own particular way, whether or not that way is agreeable to man.

That will happen. That has to happen. That has to happen for mankind’s dignity and mankind’s survival.

Mankind cannot survive even in a physical way, and I am just talking of the self-interest of mankind. Mankind cannot survive even in the physical way if mankind does not know how to relate with stuff outside of his own body. It would be simply calamitous.

So those who will understand, will live out of understanding, and hence live in a harmonious way, in a way of Love. And those who will not understand, will be compelled because of their own self-interest to live harmoniously. Otherwise, their physical survival will be threatened.

So both ways, both ways it is going to be very fresh and very new. Very fresh and very new.

If you really understand what it means to love a jungle, wonderful. And even if you do not know what it means to love a jungle, you still better respect the jungle. Otherwise, you will be eliminated.

That is going to happen.

After man, slaves, women, homosexuals, transgenders, now it is the turn of animals to assert their rights in their own way. They will. They are, they are doing that already.

Things are happening faster now.