How do I spend my time in this self-isolation period?

Acharya Prashant
4 min readMar 29, 2020

Keep a check upon yourself. There is nothing else to keep a check upon. Even the virus is not to be checked.

The virus has simply no intention to invade you, to destroy you.

You have to check your own tendency to go and touch the virus. The virus was residing happily, peacefully in some jungle. He was coexisting with the bats and there are thousands of such viruses that belong to the wild. They are nicely existing there for countless years. They are not malicious. They have no intention to harm human beings. Human beings in their great smartness, in their progressiveness, industriousness, driven by their intellect do all kinds of things to the wild and the viruses.

Check yourself.

What is it that you do in your confident, intellectual dimension that will turn out to be self-destructive? Watch out against yourself. That's the number one job.

Number two: Read as much spiritual literature as you can. These weeks or months will not come again. There have not been many generations that had this opportunity where they have been forcibly given periods of isolation.

This isolation is something that the fools will resent and reject and this isolation is something that the wise men will all celebrate. They will take it as a blessing.

And already there are signs, you see, the air quality index has miraculously improved all over the world. The air is far cleaner, the songs of the bird are now more lively and louder, you have friends from the wild roaming around the streets, deers, gazelles, and occasional cheetah.

So, it is not as if existence is sending us all the vile things and signals. That which we are taking as a catastrophe has another face as well and that face might not be very ugly.

So, do not just be caught up in the propaganda and in your nervousness. Try to look at the bigger picture and you might find beauty in the bigger picture, you might find that this catastrophe was probably one of the possible ways in which mankind could have been reminded of its viciousness and its frailty.

The virus is the product of man's arrogant, unguided, authoritarian ego.