How do I, the Ego, dissolve?

Acharya Prashant
2 min readJun 6, 2020

Watch the one who wants to dissolve.

Who is the one who wants to dissolve and why does he want to dissolve? And if he is really serious and honest why has he not already dissolve till now?Surely there is somebody keeping him protected and safe. Who is protecting him? Who is keeping him safe?

Maybe the one who says — I want to dissolve, is equally the one who is keeping himself safe.

See there are pleasures in remaining as one is. The Ego does not exist for nothing. It exists because the ‘I’ derives pleasure from its usual activities.

As long as you are not fed up of those pleasures, as long as you do not see through those pleasures. Why would there will be a dissolution at all? The dissolution will not happen because you will not allow it to happen.

Dissolution is a heavy word. What is it that you’re actually saying? You’re saying is “I do not want to remain as I am”. Right?

But why are you the way you are? Because there is pleasure in being the way you are. Unless you address those pleasures, you will not let any change happen.

And change cannot be forced.

Change is a by-product of seeing or realization.

Maybe those pleasures are good for you, then why force yourself to dissolve?