How to be the real cool dude?

Acharya Prashant
4 min readNov 4, 2019

On the outside you are somebody, on the inside you are somebody else, and then there are the others. So there are three entities involved in the show.

The others have told you that you look good on the outside. The others have told you that you have good looks on the outside. What is the definition of ‘goodness’? Cool and calm. So others tell you that you look ‘cool and calm’ on the outside. So you want to be the same ‘cool and calm’ one on the inside as well.

So the bread is burnt on the fringes, you want to burn it in the middle as well. Right now only your periphery is ruled by the others, only your external appearance is ruled by the others. But you are so enthralled by foreign rule that you want to extend foreign rule right up to your capital city.

The invaders have till now conquered just a few border areas of your country, but you are greatly impressed by the kind of services and administration that they are delivering in the captured area. So you are telling them, “Why don’t you come over and occupy my capital as well?”

Do you know what ‘coolness’ and ‘calmness’ are?

Had you really known them, then you would have been ‘cool and calm’. Not knowing what ‘coolness’ and ‘calmness’ are, you still maintain a facade of ‘coolness and calmness’ on the exterior, which means that this exterior is neither cool nor calm because you do not know what ‘coolness’ and ‘calmness’ are.

What is ‘coolness’ and ‘calmness’?

We know some images, right? And we say, “If you look like this then you are ‘cool and calm’.” Are you sure that real ‘coolness’ and ‘calmness’ indeed look like that? Are you sure? How do you know that, that image corresponds to reality?

How do you know?

So to begin with, forget about the exterior. Forget about what your fans say about your looks, your appearance, and these things.

The ‘coolness’ and ‘calmness’ of the wise man or the devotee is like the backstage in a great theatre. From that backstage, all kinds of characters, in various kinds of costumes appear, play their parts, and retreat to the backstage.

Are the actors cool and calm? Not necessarily. Some of them might correspond to the classic image of…