How to be excellent in one’s work

Acharya Prashant
2 min readJun 30, 2020

You cannot try to emulate the work of a Krishna, without firstly being Krishna.

At the center of Kabir’s life is not weaving, but ‘Ram’. At the center of Krishna’s life is neither Kurukshetra, nor Arjun, nor Radha, nor Rukmini. Not even Gita. At the center of Krishna is Krishnattva. The essential ‘Krishna’.

Kabir is Ram’s first, the profession etc. are secondary, they come way later. But because Kabir belongs to Ram, so there is a particular quality in his work as well. And without even mentioning Ram, you want to excel in your work. That won’t happen’

Kabir excels in his work because first of all he is devoted to something beyond work. Are you devoted to something beyond work? If you are devoted to something beyond work, then you will not procrastinate work.

If you are devoted to something beyond work, then you will not have low self-image and low confidence at your workplace.

Getting it?

The secret of Kabir does not lie in his skill as a weaver. It lies in Ram. Because Kabir is with Ram continuously, so there is something extraordinary about his weaving. He is so immersed in his weaving that even his utterances his songs, his verses contain numerous references to the loom, to the cloth, to the yarn, to the die, to the colours, to the weavers. Now work is not a task, a chore. Now work is not something that he bears.

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