How to forget past memories?

Acharya Prashant
3 min readApr 13, 2020

How to forget the past memories?

By not trying to forget them. Trying to forget the past is a sure-shot way of holding on to the past. Do you know there are two guaranteed ways to remember something: First is to try and remember it. Put up reminders here and there and you will remember it.

This is a second way to remember something and never forget it. ‘I want to forget ‘A’ and I remember daily to forget ‘A’.’ What am I remembering daily? ‘A’.

The mind very well knows what to forget. Do you even remember everything that you have done since the morning today? Can you recall every second? You have already forgotten. You have already forgotten. Mind will forget on its own.

You do not allow the mind to forget. How do you not allow the mind to forget? By giving importance to that thing. The moment you take something seriously, it gets more deeply registered in the mind. Now it will not forget it. So don’t ask, ‘How to forget?’ Ask, ‘How not to take trivia seriously?’

Our problem is that we take those things seriously that deserve to be pushed aside, and we have no sense of that which is really important. So we remember all the rubbish. But what is really important, we forget that. We forget that because what is really important is actually not important to us. We do not value it.