How to get rid of identification with thoughts?

Acharya Prashant
6 min readOct 4, 2019

Questioner: My entire day goes by thinking of myself and how I can relate to this world in the best sense. My identification with things has reduced drastically, but my identification with thoughts is still prominent.

Am I not yet accepting full the uncertainty of life, and hence I am trying to think a lot about myself? Can you please help me in getting more clarity on how one can free oneself from getting identified with thoughts?

Acharya Prashant: Unfortunately Samadhi has been construed to be a state of non-action, by many. No, Samadhi is a state of deep action.

Ram standing in front of a Ravana, Krishna standing in front of the Kauravas at Kurukshetra, are they not in Samadhi? Are you trying to say that the Gita is not a product of a state of Samadhi? Obviously Krishna, is continuously samaadhisth, and he is engaged in deep action.

You are saying that continuously throughout the day you are thinking. You are thinking because your day is probably full of unworthy action. When action has depth and meaning, then there is not much space for thoughts. But when life is full of unworthy activities, then obviously you have to think.

And it is a matter of relief that you are still thinking. What would happen if you are immersed in trivia and not even thinking about what is going on? So it’s good that you are at least thinking, if not acting. This incessant thinking itself will tell you that something is wrong. What is wrong? The way you have chosen to live out life is probably wrong.

In fact, this word ‘probably’ is a very needless insertion from my side. Society tells me to be polite, so I just moderate my statements with words like: ‘maybe’, ‘probably’, when I am actually certain.

You think through an issue, right? What does it say? “Think through.” And then you are through with thinking. And then you act.

Either you are acting in an unworthy cause, or if the cause is worthy then you are stealing time away from worthy action.

You have written so much, but you have just avoided mentioning what you do the entire day. You have written a very passing mention. You have written: My entire day goes by thinking how can I get related to the world in the…

Acharya Prashant