How to get the courage to live by the heart

Acharya Prashant
4 min readApr 4, 2020

Even the birds live by the heart. How is it possible that you have lost that courage? The question of re-finding it is a secondary question. First of all, you must figure out, where that courage was lost.

Is courage more natural or fear more natural? Haven’t you noticed that as children, we were not hesitant to start new things? Courage is more natural. If courage is more natural, then surely fear is external. And if it is external, why can’t you drop it? It comes from somewhere. It enters your life from somewhere. Why do you allow it to enter?

Why do you allow it to enter?

You allow it to enter because fear does not enter as fear. Fear enters as something sacred and holy. Fear enters your life in the garb of godliness. Fear enters as responsibility; fear enters as attachment; as duty; as religiosity.

Had fear tried to enter as fear, you would have blocked it. You wouldn’t have allowed it. If I say, “Come to me, and I will implant fear in you”, would you come to me? But if I say, “Come to me, I will show God to you”, and in the name of showing God, all that I give you is fear, then I have succeeded.

Haven’t you heard the expression — ‘God fearing?’ Now do you know where fear comes from? In the name of God, all that you are given is fear. Fear is not intrinsic. Fear has been imposed upon the psyche, and you can immediately rebel against that imposition and cast it off, like this — “I drop fear. I leave it. I refuse to be subjugated. I won’t take the rubbish anymore.”

Fear comes when they tell you that you must have a life insurance. Aren’t the commercials always telling you that? And so dumbly we continue to look at them. Fear comes when you are told that you must have a life partner so that you have a nice old age. Fear is there when you accept a job because of the career progression it offers. Fear is there when you offer to marry your girlfriend because now you need to legalize the relationship.

Don’t you see that fear is coming as love? Don’t you see that fear is coming as security? Don’t you see that fear is coming as job, career, future? Fear never comes as fear. But whenever fear comes, I repeat, it would make you uneasy. Your uneasiness is the hint.

Acharya Prashant