How to move beyond the pointlessness of existence?

Acharya Prashant
4 min readOct 22, 2019

Question: How to move beyond the pointless of existence?

Acharya Prashant: If you move beyond the pointlessness or even the relevance of something, you would move into the relevance, or significance, or need of something else.

Remember the hall with the mirrors. You shatter the mirrors on one side. There still are mirrors surrounding you three-sixty degrees. You would have something else that is staring back at you. Don’t you see it is you who is moving beyond?

Who has been conserved? You have been conserved.

So when you ask, “How does one move beyond the pointlessness of existence?” you are still not asking, “How does one move beyond one’s own pointlessness?” You are wise and courageous enough to see that existence is pointless. But you are still not fearless enough to say, “I am pointless.”

So you are saying, “How do I move beyond existence?” Existence can be left behind, ‘I’ must carry forward. Now that is not very wise. You want to leave existence behind while carrying yourself forward. And if you carry yourself forward, you have in fact carried the entire existence forward. So nothing is pointless. Pointlessness would always evade you as long as you are carrying yourself forward. No point breaking or shattering a few of the mirrors. It’s the one standing in the mirrored hall who is the culprit.

He is not merely standing in the middle of the mirrored hall, he has actively constructed the mirrored hall. As long as he is there, he will keep finding more and more clever ways to construct new and newer mirrored halls.

Is man not always progressing intellectually, technologically? Those are just mirrored halls that man just keeps building for himself. If you have to see the pointlessness of something, do not hanker after the pointlessness of something. Ask: “Whose existence?”

How do you move beyond yourself? By losing interest in the question.

See that the question is existing just to preserve you. And see that self-preservation has not served you so far. Has self-preservation been of any great help so far? If self-preservation has not been of any great help so far, why do you want to preserve yourself through this question?

Acharya Prashant