How to not react to hurt

Acharya Prashant
2 min readMay 22, 2020

You have an image of the right life. You have an image of the right responses. You have an image of yourself also. You want to live and be as per that image. Something happens, a reaction arises from you. That reaction is not what the image dictates. That reaction is not mentioned in the image manual. You don’t like that.

Your concern is not your reaction, but the fact that your reaction does not subscribe to the goodness manual.

If you could be deeply tutored that the same reaction is a great reaction, then you would no more be bothered about that reaction. I repeat,

We have been told how we must react to certain things and when we don’t find that our actual reactions are matching the prescribed reactions, we feel offended.

We feel we have lost a few points. We exist in others eyes. The manual also comes from others. We are always assessing ourselves as per the template provided by others. There is no need to stop any response. The reaction that you give to any situation is who you are. If you curb that reaction, if you block the expression of your conditioning, then you are only depriving yourself from knowing how deeply conditioned you are. Will that help? That is the only way you can know yourself.

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