How to remain free of anxiety?

Acharya Prashant
2 min readAug 4, 2020

Blessed is that One, who can point at himself saying, “You know what, I was such an idiot.” And absolutely blessed is the One who can say, “You know what, I am an idiot.” If you cannot say, “I am an idiot,” at least say, “I was an idiot.” Even that is alright.

As a person, please understand, you are not designed to be perfect.

All perfection is just idealism; fanciful imagination.

The Truth might be unlimited, and free of all kinds of distortions and stains; you are a man, and man is limited.

Life has a total diversity of colours; you cannot remain contemptuous towards them, you cannot dismiss them. Anxiety is one of the colours.

There may come a time in your life when anxiety disappears, but you cannot postpone life in expectation of that particular moment. And yes, that moment indeed does come. But will you keep forever waiting for that moment, that — “There will come a time when I will experience no anger, no anxiety, no fear, no sorrow”? Will you stop living?

In fact, the more you wait for that moment, the more you are delaying it. Till the time that moment is not there, enjoy what you have. And what do you have? You have anxiety? Good, good for you.

When you will find that you are no more angry even in the face of the greatest provocation, you will miss being angry. Till the time anger is there, let it be there; don’t be so hostile towards it. It is going to go away. But by engaging yourself with it, by being hostile to it, you are making it stay.

When you allow anger to be there, only then you can examine it, know it, look at all its details. If you suppress anger, how will you know anger? How will you learn anger?

And we have been taught to suppress so much, because all of that is so much ‘bad’. It is bad, so don’t experience it. And if you are experiencing it, don’t acknowledge it. “Don’t acknowledge that right now you are riding away of lust. Hold yourself tight. Pretend to be alright.” This way you never come to know lust.

“When you are in the middle of sorrow, don’t let tears flow. Act as if you are composed.” You must allow yourself to be totally disintegrated, because disintegration is what you are experiencing then. So let the disintegration come to the fore.

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