How to stay hopeful till normal life resumes?

Acharya Prashant
2 min readJun 7, 2020

Following is an excerpt from Acharya Prashant’s interview to a prominent newspaper.

There are voices — from right and left, from industrialists and politicians, and from the general public — for quick restoration of normal life. What exactly is this normal life? Were we so contended/pleased with ‘normal life’ that we are now dying to get it back? Where did this disaster come from? Did it not come from the same ‘normal life’ — founded on crude education, exploitation of others, rape of nature, cruelty towards self — and conditioned to believe consumption and pleasure is the goal of being? Life that contents none?

The loudest voices for resumption of ‘normal life’ are from the powerful ones having the deepest stakes in production, consumption, exploitation and profiteering. They are the biggest beneficiaries of our ‘normal life’. They are cringing the most under this natural assault.

Giving loud support to calls for ‘normal life’ are unconscious segments of population suffering from withdrawal symptoms, denied their daily drug of happy goodies. The drugged public itself will riot for the ‘good old days’ to return, and hand itself over to the exploiters.

Must we return to the same life? Or is the pandemic an ultimatum to deeply change our very foundation?

When will we see that our ‘normal life’ is a story of inner agony till death?

Not for animals, or nature, or posterity, let’s please deeply change our life for ourselves.

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