How to Surrender?

Acharya Prashant
2 min readMay 23, 2020

I can give you a method, but would you try it? You won’t try it because you don’t like it. You would only try something that you personally like. And this person that likes and dislikes is exactly the one who needs to be surrendered. So can there be a ‘how to’ involved? Can there be a ‘how to’?

Just Surrender.

Surrender is not an art. It is not a skill. It is not a task. It is this: when you spoke, I surrendered to you.

Only by surrendering to your question could I listen to what your heart is asking. And when I speak, you have to surrender to me to really know what is coming through me, that is surrender — easy, simple, obvious; so damn straight forward.

Surrender is not something exotic. Not something far-fledged. Not something there (pointing towards the sky) in some other galaxy.

This is surrender.

Right now, you are in surrender. And when you speak, I must listen in surrender. And when I speak, I must speak in surrender. Surrender just means that the person who likes and dislikes is not too important for me. I can take her a little casually. I can treat her almost like a joke. So, when I speak to you, there is a person here who is reminding me of the breakfast, but right now, the movement towards breakfast is…surrendered.

The fellow who is asking for food cannot be taken seriously. This is surrender. So as you will climb to the hill-top this afternoon, you jump, there would be a person within you who would be saying don’t do that, you might just get a little hurt. You know, a few injuries here. You should not take her very seriously.

Just go and jump.

Are you getting it?

That is surrender.

Don’t be so particular about what you have been doing. Don’t be so adamant about what you will do. Let things happen.

Let things happen.

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