If you want the immense, why not pay a little price?

Acharya Prashant
6 min readOct 20, 2021

The following is an excerpt from a samvaad (dialogue) session with Acharya Prashant.

Questioner: Acharya Ji, Pranam.

There is a lot happening in my life, the whole day is full of innumerable actions and reactions. What is it to be at the centre and then be doing all this?

Many times I catch myself slipping, at times, I see chaos, there are times when I have glimpses. Please shed some light on it.

Acharya Prashant (AP): See, how smart Nisheeth is, he is saying, ‘What is it to be at the centre and then be doing all these?’

One thing is sure for him, what is happening is sure to be done, on that he will not compromise.

He is saying, ‘I want to do all this, there is no way I want to leave all this, you tell me a technique how can I do this without getting disturbed?’

‘Murder I must do!

Because that I have chosen as my profession now; because that is where my greed and my ignorance has taken me, but I want to be a very peaceful murderer.

So, please teach me peace.’

It’s a great question he has asked, and it is a great instruction for everyone here.

‘What is it to be at the centre and then be doing all these?’

He is not at all asking, ‘Whether at all, I should be doing what I am doing right now? Whether what I have accepted was worth accepting at all? Whether was it worth rejecting what I have rejected?’

That question he will never ask, and this is how we all use Spirituality!

‘I want to murder, and I want to murder peacefully.’

Now, pull the dagger out, and slowly stab him in the heart, and then say, ‘Hari Om Tat Sat’, and when he is dying, ‘Om! Shanti! Shanti! Shanti!’


Your daily dose of corporate dhyana!

Om! Shanti! Shanti! Shanti!

That’s what Nisheeth has come here for.

By choice, I have immersed my life in rubbish. By choice, I ran away where emancipation was possible. By choice, I have surrounded myself with people who will all drag me into hell.

Acharya Prashant