Is family a problem?

Acharya Prashant
2 min readJun 8, 2020

Have you seen what you call as the normal relationship between parents and kids? Most relationships are like that. Parents that are insecure and ambitious at the same time. And it’s a miracle how people manage to carry these two together, insecurity and ambition. Trembling in one moment that they’re insufficient as people and parents, and ready to pounce in another moment at the highest possibilities and temptations that the world has to offer. Firing at the highest target. Nothing short of that will satiate them. And using the kid as cannon fodder in the process.

Is the family a problem? Or is the individual mind the problem?

If you are not relating to your kids, to family members, to neighbors or to colleagues, you would be relating to somebody, right. If the family is a problem, if the workplace is a problem, let us take away the family and the workplace. You would still be left with somebody to interact with. And if your very mind is diseased, whatever interactions you enter into, would also be diseased.

If your mind is healthy, then it is beautiful to have a relationship with a child. What’s wrong? Then the relationship is not a compulsion. Then there is nothing really distorted or ugly about the relationship.

Mostly we have heard that spiritual men and women do not have families. You haven’t heard it rightly, completely. Spiritual men really do not have families. And the statement is not yet complete. Spiritual men do not have families of the kind most men have. Yes, spiritual men do not have families, families of the kind the so-called normal men have. Spiritual men have beautiful families.

What you call as the normal, well-adjusted man, he has ugly families. What you call as a normal family is just a compulsive maze of blood relationships.

Now that you are carrying my genetic stuff, you are caught. Now you will be called my son and there is no reprieve. Why? Because your first cell came from my semen. So, you are stuck. Now you cannot run away. And you woman there, I fertilized you, so you too are stuck. Now you cannot run away. This is the definition of family that we normally have.

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