Is physical proximity to the Guru necessary?

Acharya Prashant
2 min readAug 1, 2020

The Guru is the guide. Sometimes the guide is at the destination, along with the guided one. Then the destination, the guide and the guided, all three, coincide. But usually, the guided one is not at the destination, right? That is why he needs guidance. And if the guided one is not at the destination, where would the guide be? The guide necessarily has to be, where the guided one is.

And if you then start targeting the guide, what will you miss? The destination. Because the guide is constrained from being at the destination by the location of the guided one.

If the guided one is at the destination, then the guide too will be found at the…? Destination. Otherwise, the guide is somewhere along the way. If you target the guide, then you are missing the…? Destination.

Don’t target the guide! If you target the destination, you will have the guide’s company. Who gets the company of the guide? Please understand. The one who loves the…? Destination. If you love the destination, you get the company of the guide. But if you start targeting the guide, the guide may just run away to save his dear life!

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