Is social media the culprit?

Acharya Prashant
2 min readOct 10, 2019

Mind is nothing but an aggregation of influences upon you. Who are you?

The thirsty one is influenced by the mind, by the aggregation of the influences because the ones influencing you, promise you relief.

Just see that they cannot deliver what they promise.

You won’t need to listen to them anymore.

And if the next question is: “To whom then we listen?”

If you are listening to the wrong ones, then you are already being powered by the Right One. Otherwise, how would you not listen to the wrong one? From where would the courage come to call the wrong as ‘wrong’?

Are Facebook, or Twitter, or LinkedIn the culprits? Do they have an intention, do they have an agency even? Are they conscious entities? Are they?

So we go to them, and we use them as per our tendencies. And if you do not have Facebook, then this tendency will seek refuge in something else. Facebook was not always there, then the neighbours were there, then other chatting circles were there, or the telephones were there. When the telephones were not there, the pigeons were there.

If one has a tendency to seek self-worth in the eyes of others, then that tendency will materialise in some form or the other.