Is walking out from a toxic relationship the solution?

Acharya Prashant
2 min readJul 28, 2020

I am me; you are you; I can exploit you and be a bigger me, that’s exploitation. I walk out, and why did I walk out? To take care of my personal peace. Am I still not the one who was thinking previously in the language of division? So, this walking out then will not be very beneficial. Therefore, one has to take quitting or walking out just as a temporary thing, right?

Freedom from exploitation is very incomplete without compassion. Not only you have to end your own exploitation, you also have to bring compassion to the other and these two must go hand in hand.

Obviously there might be some phase lag between these two. One may come first, the other may come later. There might even be a gap of many years between these two but these two will exist together.

You cannot have just one of them. You cannot say that to save my skin I broke out of the house, like one breaks out of a jail, and then I never turn back to look at what is happening in the house. It does not happen this way. It cannot happen this way.

If you break out of the house just to take care of your own self-interest then wherever you go, you would find that you are still caught in the cycle of exploitation and suffering.

If you really want to end exploitation and suffering, then you have to take care of yourself and also try to do as much good to the other as possible.

It’s a full circle, you cannot just take care of only yourself.

You see, if I just take care of myself then how am I different from the exploiter? Is he not following the same principle? He too is saying, “I am taking care of just myself,” and I too say I am taking care of myself so I’m walking out. I will go settle in some other place and be happy. So, then you become the exploiter and now the exploiter has fully won. He has totally converted you. Now you belong to his creed.

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