Just feed the right wolf

Acharya Prashant
3 min readDec 23, 2019

There is the petty within you that says that I want to dominate your life, that I want to be expressed, that I want to become your breath, your action. And there is the Great within you, which is parallelly saying, “I have a right to be expressed.” Don’t you feel the call of that great? It is impossible.

There is so much within you that is beautiful, that is healthy, and that too wants to lead you, that too wants to take you places, that too wants to make you live an alternate life.

Why don’t you give that a chance? Why don’t you?

It’s a small beautiful story, I often recall it. So, the grandma is telling a story to the kid. And what’s the story, she says “You know what baby, we all have two wolves inside of us and they are always fighting — A black wolf and a white wolf. And they’re growling and fighting and hitting each other and trying to overpower. They hate each other’s guts.”

And she keeps on describing how they are engaged with each other in the fight. The kid interrupts and says “But granny which of these wins? The white wolf is fighting the black wolf continuously within us, which of these wins?” And grandma smiles and says, “The one you feed.”

Which wolf are you feeding? And why? Why aren’t you feeding the right wolf? It has an equal right. It is equally yours. Probably much more yours than the wrong wolf. Both the wolves are within you. Feed the right one, please. And you know which one is the right one.

Let the pettiness remain. It has a right to. The same pettiness will be turned beautiful by the sanctifying touch of the right one. That which appears irritating, and unnerving and life-destroying at this moment will show up as beautiful pieces of creative art later on.

Have you not seen or heard of that garden which is made entirely of material that belonged to trash? All that which is trash in our life can become part of a garden when touched by the right one. So, you don’t need to fight it. You don’t need to reject it. You only need to purify it. You only need to touch it with the right thing.

Acharya Prashant