Love and images of love

Acharya Prashant
12 min readFeb 14, 2020

Question: Would you please talk on love?

Acharya Prashant: Oh yes, but I could have talked about love had we been really ignorant about love. The barrier that the speaker faces while talking to anybody is that people are already very knowledgeable. There is hardly anybody who would not write an entire book on love given the chance. If I circulate sheets of paper and say, “Kindly write a paragraph or two on love”, is there anybody who would say, “Sir, I know nothing, I cannot write anything, I haven’t ever even heard the word.”? Anybody?

Listener: No.

AP: So we already know a lot about love. The container is full. How do I talk about it? Are we in a position where we first see that what we have called as ‘love’ needs a deeper enquiry? Would we be honest enough to let our convictions be questioned, or are we adamant, “Ah, I already know, I have lived an entire life, I am experienced. Who are you to tell me about love? And even if you do tell me about love, all that I will do is judge it against my own experience. I will tally whether what you are saying concurs with what I have experienced, and if our thoughts match, then I will say, “Yes, this speaker is a good one.” If they don’t, I’ll say, “Ah, hardly knows a thing.”

That’s what knowledge does to us. It turns us into a closed box, a silo.

What do we know about love? What is love?

I’m helpless. I have to start this way because we already know about love. I cannot give you anything extra. Yes, what do we know about love? What is love?

Listener: We get speechless. Love is beautiful.

AP: Yes, yes. Love is beautiful, love makes us speechless.

Let it flow. I really do not believe that you are so ignorant of L.O.V.E. It’s not possible. Come on.

Listener: All the songs…

AP: Yes, all the songs, the colours, the scarf, the butterflies, the honey, the beach, the violins, the balloons, the pink, the red, the violet — it is impossible that we don’t know.

Yes, what is love?

Listener: That you are glad that you are exactly where you want to be and it feels complete. Feeling connected to somebody, something.