Love is a choice

Acharya Prashant
2 min readJul 28, 2020

One is so attached to the material existence of the others, and one is so attached to things like job and money, that one’s happiness too is contingent on material things.

So, one is attached to the material, right?

Why don’t you start valuing love? And if you value love, then aren’t you valuing something that is not material? Is it not often a choice to value love over glitter, convenience, or money?

If there is a choice between love and convenience, and you have chosen convenience, then what have you chosen? The material.

Whereas, if you have chosen love, have you chosen material? Is love, material? If love is material, bring some of that material to me, on this plate. Please, somebody serve love to me on this plate. Material can always be transformed, and presented here on this plate. Serve me love here. Please. With some sauce. Can you? You can’t.

That’s the way to beat the material.

But first of all, one has to be fed up with material, and one has to have some love. Good news is, and equally the bad news is, all this is a choice.

It is often said, “Love just happens.” We talk of spontaneity. We talk of it’s finality, reversibility. We talk of it’s unknowability. We talk of the total possession that love takes over oneself. But all that is a lot of poetry.

The reality is, that Love too is a choice.

Love cannot just overwhelm you, and overpower you, and possess you, if you don’t want it to.

You have to allow Love to dominate you.

If you don’t allow, it won’t.

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