Love is more fundamental than Logic

Acharya Prashant
2 min readJul 21, 2020

Without love, there is just logic and it is extremely dry.

The two hemispheres of the man’s brain are a good pointer. Of course, nature didn’t deliberately evolve them so that they may suit my example this night. But still, they lend themselves very beautifully to point at a great revelation.

Man cannot live by logic alone,

Man cannot live by arguments alone.

In fact not only the both are important, if one of the two has to be chosen, it would be the one that is more fundamental of the two, and that is Love.

Why is Love more fundamental?

Because when you say that there is yearning of the mind for the truth, or Love, and then there is bodily resistance to it, called vritti and prakriti, then you have to remember that not only the yearning of the mind towards Love is Love, even the resistance of prakriti to Love, is Love!

Please get this.

Now that may sound paradoxical.

We say we are easily split into two. One part that unreasonably wants to merge into something greater, wants to relax into sleep.

And then there is another logical part that wants continuation, that wants security.

What I am saying is — The unreasonable part is surely pulsating with Love, but even the reasonable part, even the logical part is driven by nothing but Love, though indirectly.

Even when you resist love it is because of love, just the resisting love is misguided.

Love is more fundamental.

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