Meat may help your body, but it hinders your liberation

Acharya Prashant
2 min readJun 21, 2020

Stuff like meat eating — from an evolutionary perspective probably it is good, probably. Probably research might establish that a certain amount of meat consumption is indeed good for the body and it might be established beyond any doubt.

Similarly, it might be established beyond doubt that those who stop consuming milk and meat products altogether, do actually face some physical dangers. It might be established. Now, that’s the call that you have to take.

What is it that you want to take care of? Your body or your bondages? What is it that you give more weightage to? Your body or your bondages?

If you give more weightage to your body, then you must have meat and milk and such things and it’s no point trying to prove on scientific and medical grounds that meat eating is disastrous, and that milk is entirely harmful. It probably is not, most probably it is not. Most probably, those who do eat meat, will indeed perform better in tests of physical endurance and strength and athleticism and such things. If not better, then at least they will perform as well as, as good as comparable to the ones who shun meat.

So, certain things cannot be done purely from the point of view of evolution or physical benefits or such things. Meat may indeed help your body, but it hinders your liberation, that is only final argument. It might help my body, I agree. You have to honestly admit, that it might actually help your body, but you have to then decide what is it that you want, bodily help or spiritual hindrance?

If you have no compassion for the animal, it will become very difficult for you to have deep compassion for yourself, and to help oneself to be liberated is an act of deepest compassion.

It is only from that deep compassion, that tremendous energy is released, and that kind of energy is indeed needed in the process of liberation.

You cannot be liberated without that tremendous energy, and I assure you that tremendous energy can come from no other motivation. The only motivation has to be compassion. Compassion towards oneself, I do not like the way I am, I cannot suffer any bondages — this is compassion and if you are so compassionate toward yourself, how will you kill an animal and stuff yourself with his flesh?

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