Mind and technology

Acharya Prashant
11 min readMar 13, 2020

Man has an urge to keep absorbing, to keep sucking in stuff from outside. Now, why does that happen? That happens because of a certain fear. A fear that if I do not know, then I will miss out, that if I do not know then there would be something reduced from my being. So, you want to know. Knowledge makes you feel happy, complete, confident.

Technology will change, so it is not about one particular technology, it is about the basic urge of man for knowledge, for information, for security. One keeps on feeling that way. The question is, “What if no technology is made available?”

Unfortunately, that won’t help because the urge will still remain. You do not give anything to man from where he can channelize knowledge to himself, yet he would keep on providing himself with knowledge. If he has nothing, he at least has the eyes, if he has nothing, he at least has the ears. The ears will keep on sucking in knowledge. The eyes will keep on taking in views, pictures, and scenes. And the mind will keep on processing them. It doesn’t matter from where the news, events, information is coming to the mind, that channel is irrelevant, what is relevant is that we desperately WANT knowledge.

See the man who looks at the internet comes to know the news from all over the world. The man, who, let’s say lives in a tribal society and doesn’t have the benefits of technology, comes to know of stuff only from his neighborhood. One man knows about the quarrels that going on in his neighborhood and takes a certain pleasure or certain interest in reading about those quarrels.

Another man knows of the inter-nation conflicts that are going on in another continent! And takes interest and pleasure in reading about those wars that are going on another continent. Is the first man really any better off than the second one?

The first man, mind you, has no availability of technology. But what does he have? He at least has his legs, he can go and snoop. And here what is going on is, he at least has his curiosity and his eyes. He will ask, he will hear, he will see. So I am asking you one man’s mind is full of his neighbors, another man’s mind is full of happenings in another continent, is the second man really more occupied than the first one? Is the first man any lighter than the second one? If that be so then spirituality…

Acharya Prashant