Must the mind worry so much?

Acharya Prashant
2 min readAug 6, 2020

Of all the living beings on the Earth, human beings constitute just 0.01%, you know. 99.99% of living beings do not have the kind of ego that human beings have, in the sense that they cannot worry.

Man is the only one that has a worrying ego, man is the only one that has ego that looks into the future. Other living beings on the Earth have a very nominal and minimal ego. All that it wants is to be alright, currently. So some food should be there, and that is alright; enough for the day. And may be some sex. Beyond this, nothing is to be demanded.

What is ‘worrying’?

Worrying is nothing but an unauthorised concern for results.

First of all, it is a concern for results. Secondly, it is an unauthorised concern for results. You are trying to speculate about something, you are not authorised to think about.

You have no authorisation, no locus standi to think about the future, to think about everything that will happen in the future, including the results of your actions, and this and that, and still you are speculating about them.

That is ‘worrying’.

Of course, worrying is the other name of hope. When you think negatively about the future, you call it ‘worry’; when you think positively about the future you call it ‘hope’. So worrying is just as equally bad as hoping.

Conserve your energy, train your thoughts.

Discipline your little self.

Time is precious, attention is precious.

To waste time, it is not necessary that you must do something wasteful.

It is just enough to worry.

You can sit on your armchair, doing absolutely nothing, and still you can waste an enormous length of time. Can’t you?

It is no ordinary action; it is hell of an action. It is called ‘worrying’. You can call it being ‘pensive’, being ‘brooding’, a lot of good sounding names can be given to worrying.

Having conserved yourself, get down doing the Right thing. What is the Right thing? “Now that I am available to myself, now that I am available to the Right action, let me simply get into the Right action.”

Look at where darkness is, and dispel it.

Look at where falseness is, and fight it.

Look at where bondages are, break them, and liberate yourself.

And you cannot do that, if you have the future in mind.

If you have the future in mind, the mind is not available for the great task.