It’s Not Your Ambition!

Acharya Prashant
6 min readSep 18, 2019

The question is why do Needs often dominate Ambition?

You surely think that it is quite unfortunate that needs start dominating ambitions. The reason is simple, you probably give a lower priority to needs and higher priority to ambitions because you think that the ambitions are yours. You have kept ambitions very close to himself. You believe that they are your own.

So, you deeply want the ambitions to be fulfilled but find that instead, something else has to be done. First of all, we will understand this conflict. And we all face this conflict, this conflict is in the mind of every single one of us. But we are all confused, we rarely know, what to do. There are always one or more options in front of us, and we are unable to see clearly which one is suitable. Right?

This happens not only once in six months, at the time of admissions or at the time of choosing a job, it keeps happening daily, day in and day out. What is this conflict? you will have to understand.

Our mind is dominated by ‘external influences’ which we have so far called is the development of ‘Ego.’

Our mind is not our mind, our mind is a collection of all external influences.

Our mind is divided into many many segments and many parts, and there are so many different forces that are controlling these separate parts. So, one part is being controlled by parents, one part is being dominated by media, one part is being dominated by society, one part by peers, one by corporations, one by thoughts of career, one by XYZ, and very very large number of parts.

Now, these different parts are your different masters. It’s like a person is tied to fifty different ropes being pulled by fifty different people in fifty different directions. Will that person be able to move towards any definite direction, any one direction.

Your mind is not yours, your mind has so many different parts and each different parts is dominated by somebody.

You are being pulled in that direction, in this direction, and as a result, there is no clear movement in your life.

Don’t you see that this happens with you? For two days you do something and forget it and you start doing something else. You take a resolution and you can stay…

Acharya Prashant