No Right Thinking, No Wrong Thinking; A Silent, Deep Understanding!

Acharya Prashant
7 min readSep 20, 2019

We think that we are afraid of some natural reason. Just because since childhood we have been brought up by fear so we think that fear is directly related. Forget about directly related, fear is nothing but ego.

Do you see how ego is fear?

You have a particular image about yourself. Let us say, there is a particular fellow here and he is one of your friends. He meets you in the morning and says, ‘Dude, looking cool !’ And how does that sentence change in your mind? You take it as, ‘I am cool.’ Now your self image is dependent on the other person which means now you are going to be forever afraid of your own friend. Sounds strange! Can you tell me why is it so? If the other person has the power to make you feel good about yourself, then he also has the power to make you feel bad about yourself.

Same fellow who earlier said that you are brilliant, can now say that you are stupid. And if you accept that you are brilliant which is coming from others, then you necessarily have to accept that you are stupid which is also coming from outside. Isn’t this ego?

Our self-image borrowed from the society. We don’t know anything ourselves. The ‘Who am I?’ has not been touched by us.

So, I know myself only in terms of what others know about. So, I am always afraid because that which comes from outside can also go back to the outside, the society. It is not yours. Somebody gave it to you. Somebody told you that you are smart, brilliant, amiable, friendly and the rest of it, whatsoever is the good thing that you know about yourself. Whatever bright image that you hold about yourself, question yourself about it. ‘Did I always have it? Where did it come from?’ It came from the words and approval of others. So,

if others can approve of you, they can also disapprove of you.

All your image about yourself, all that concept is totally dependent on other people. That’s why your heart pumps badly while speaking in front of others. It’s because you don’t know who you are.

The question is, how to develop right thinking in order to get rid of fear?

Right now, the assumption that you are making is that there is an inappropriate thought…