Not ripe enough? Keep hanging there

Acharya Prashant
4 min readJan 21, 2020

In this huge and complex world, especially living in the era of transition where everyone is an actor in the contemporary stage of globalisation, it is very difficult to spare time for oneself. And the biggest challenge comes where you are unaware of your situation.

The lifestyle today is so harsh and fast that we have created our own world of disillusionment, and to top it all up we very contently revel in our condition of ignorance. In light of the current events, it is quite natural that the bulk of mankind is not at all spiritual, and yet is living almost satisfactorily.

This brings light to the fact that tells one can live a decent life even without being spiritual. One can have relationships, one can work, earn, and lead a decent-normal life without having anything to do with spirituality. In fact, there is nothing in man’s composition that pushes him towards spirituality, proving the point that there is no compulsion.

Man is really not born to go beyond. Humans are born to be an individual entity, but in their course of life they actually enter the realm of materialistic world where they are driven by some desires. Having the potential to be alacritous, they can easily reside in whatever life offers us. And in case life doesn’t offer what they desire, then they strive to turn their dream into reality, aligning themselves to be the most progressive race capable of adaptability. Hence, being surrounded with the worldly temptations, it is very difficult to break free from such desires and enter a life of discipline and spirituality.

Here, it is very important to understand that if you don’t pursue the spiritual path, you will not become a sinner. You will just be an ordinary human. It is the decisions taken by one which imparts the personality you have. Leading a certain way of life doesn’t categorise you to be good or evil. Therefore, without the inclination or realisation one should not enter the spiritual life, because if you do it otherwise, then you are actually letting yourself down.

Spirituality is for whom?

Spirituality is the most exquisite pursuit. It is not something that you can pick from the shelf, and start practicing. It is not something you choose. But spirituality finds its way to reach out to you.