Observation will expose your restlessness

Acharya Prashant
2 min readJun 19, 2020

Observation will expose your restlessness. That, which was probably in the subconscious; that, which you were unable to think of, you will now be able to consciously conceptualize.

Observation does not make you restless. Observation is to see all the making and the unmaking.

Observation is not an action; neither is it a cause, neither is it an effect. It has no effect whatsoever. To observe does not mean to participate. Participation has effects. Observation has no effects and observation has no cause either.

But observation reveals. Reveals to whom? It reveals to the observed itself; to no other entity does the revelation comes. It is a little magical. Though the observer — who in the pure sense, is a witness — never-never participates, yet in the field of observation, the observed changes. If the observation is honest, it changes the observed entity; without participation. Without doing anything, a lot of change comes. It is doing, without doer-ship. Getting it?

Observation just tells you how you are living and in that telling, in that enabling of seeing, a lot of change is enabled. When you see that you are restless, you also see how deeply you love being in rest.

No one feels restless without first loving the state of restfulness. Restlessness would not bother you had you not first love restfulness. So if your restlessness is being exposed, you are just being told that you are in love; that’s good news.

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