On Ashatavakra Gita: What is the state of the liberated one?

The following is an excerpt from a samvaad (dialogue) session with Acharya Prashant.

शून्या दृष्टिर्वृथा चेष्टा विकलानीन्द्रियाणि च ।

न स्पृहा न विरक्तिर्वा क्षीणसंसारसागरे ॥ 17.९ ॥

śūnyā dṛṣṭirvṛthā ceṣṭā vikalānīndriyāṇi ca




Author and Vedanta Teacher | acharyaprashant.org

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Acharya Prashant

Acharya Prashant

Author and Vedanta Teacher | acharyaprashant.org

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