On Jesus Christ: Lover at heart; disciple from mind

Acharya Prashant
9 min readDec 15, 2019

The fear of the Lord adds length to life, but the years of the wicked are cut short.


Who are we?

Limited beings with their limited desires, limited scope, limited understanding, limited vision.

The limitation itself is the sin.

Man is born limited, the limitation itself is the sin. Christianity asks man to repent. The word repent is quite subtle with meaning. It means to go back, to return to home. As man is born, man is born as a wanderer, as a homeless recluse.

Somebody who has a continuous thirst to return to the home. But the thirst finds expression in a million ways except the direct way. And that is why repentance is very useful as a tool because it helps man remember that he is indeed incomplete as he is.

There is no point talking of completeness as an abstraction. There is no point talking of completeness as a concept and believing in it. Look at mankind, look at the daily life of man. Do we live in a sense of fulfillment? Every sense, every feeling, every thought that we have is a thought of incompleteness. We want more, and we want to get rid of stuff that we do not want.

The more you observe, the more you will find evidence only of man’s stubborn, chronic, unrelenting limitations, and man is wedded to his limitations. Even when there is an opportunity to get rid of the angst associated with limitations. Do you really see people taking the leap? Do you really see people coming forward? Do you really see people accepting the invitation of a new and free life? that does not happen. So the Bible very practically looks at man. Man as he is, not man as he ought to be. Not man as one dreams him up. But man as he is in flesh and blood, in anger and angst, in regret and rage, in desire and death, and to this man the Bible says — See and accept that you are living a life of incompleteness.

A Jesus is there to help you get rid of your incompleteness. But instead of thanking Jesus and living by his word, you choose to crucify him. Remember the crucifixion. Because if you forget the crucifixion, you’ll also forget your immediate reality. The