On Shiv Shutra : Not Moving Is Faster Than The Fastest.

Acharya Prashant
5 min readSep 23, 2019

The source and the manifestation-the progeny

and the material, the body

and the actions of the body-the kala,

are all one.

Shiv Sutra(1.3)

Acharya Prashant: The ‘source’ refers to the origin of it all. ‘Kala’ refers to activity or movement. ‘Sharir’ obviously refers to the body or the material. The source, the material and the movement all are one. They can be one only if you stop expecting that the source lies elsewhere.

Please understand what is being said.

If the source is one with the rock as well as the movement of the rock, then do you need to transform the rock into a temple? If the source is one with all this, then the source is just one with the fact of all this. Then you don’t need to have a creator God.

Dattatreya beautifully puts it in the Avadhoot Upanishads. He says, “Where do I go to salute anybody?” Kabir says that, “Kabir is through with it.” Now God is chasing Kabir! Kabir is through with chasing God, Maala pherun na jap karun, munh se kahun na Ram; Neither do I pray with the beads, the ‘mala’ nor do I engage myself in any ‘sadhana’, ‘tapa’ or ‘japa’. Nor do I keep taking the name of Ram. Peechha mera Hari karen main paaun vishraam; Now God chases me and I just relax! I am not chasing God.”

You chase God when you think that God is somewhere else.

The saint is the one who has stopped chasing God.

The general perception is that the saint is the one who is chasing God. No. We are the ones who are chasing God and, where do we chase God? In expectations of the beyond. There has to be something ahead of this.

Any Guru worth his name will only talk of cessation of activity, not more activity. And if you are coming across somebody who is teaching you more activity, then I heartfully request you to drop that teaching. Be it Bhakti, Advait, other streams of Vedanta. Be it Jesus or the various prophets or poets Hafiz, Meera, Rumi nobody has ever talked of doing anything.