One day, we will have such a temple

Acharya Prashant
4 min readApr 5, 2020

A ‘Temple’ must definitely have elements that elevate your consciousness.

Being at a place, being with elements, being with people, being with structures, being with sites, scenes, sounds, that remind you of the Beyond, that take the lowly consciousness to a high point, where it becomes receptive to signals from the sky. That’s a ‘Temple’.

A ‘Temple’, first of all, must have those elements. Secondly, wherever those elements are present, that place is a ‘Temple’, even if you call it by some other name.

So look at the effect the whole situation, the arrangement, the whole architecture is having on you. Is it taking you beyond the mundane things that keep circulating in your mind?

If ‘yes’, then it deserves to be called a ‘Temple’. If ‘no’, then it is just another place — entertaining probably, imposing probably, but not elevating.

The aspect of elevation is central. ‘Temple’ is a place where you are elevated. If you are not being elevated, the place is not a ‘Temple’. And if you are being elevated in some place, that place is most definitely a ‘Temple’.

Are you getting it?

So, ideally, today’s temples must be great centers of learning. Temples must be spiritual universities. A ‘Temple’ cannot be just a place where there are some stone carvings, and such things. Real education must have to be imparted in temples. That’s elevation of consciousness.

Temples have to be centers of not only Scriptures, they must also be centers where education is imparted in arts, and sciences. Because unless you are scientific, it will be very difficult for you in today’s age, to be really spiritual.

One day it is possible, that we will raise a real Temple. Not the one where we go, ring the bell, and get the prasad, not a temple where all kinds of superstitions breed.

But, a Temple that would be a center of real scientific research, a place where fine arts find great expression; a place where human consciousness is refined, broadened, elevated, in all possible ways.

In a Temple, there must be a center of contemporary studies, where one is taught about all the current worldly issues.

A ‘Temple’ must really be

Acharya Prashant