Only Brahman knows Brahman || On Mundaka Upanishad (2021)

Acharya Prashant
21 min readApr 26, 2024

स यो ह वै तत् परमं ब्रह्म वेद ब्रह्मैव भवति नास्याब्रह्मवित्कुले भवति । तरति शोकं तरति पाप्मानं गुहाग्रन्थिभ्यो विमुक्तोऽमृतो भवति ॥

sa yo ha vai tat paramaṃ brahma veda brahmaiva bhavati nāsyābrahmavitkule bhavati tarati śokaṃ tarati pāpmānaṃ guhāgranthibhyo vimukto’mṛto bhavati

He, verily, who knows that Supreme Brahman becomes himself Brahman; in his lineage none is born who knows not the Brahman. He crosses beyond sorrow, he crosses beyond sin, he is delivered from the knotted cord of the secret heart and becomes immortal.

~ Verse 3.2.9

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Acharya Prashant (AP): There was a lot of noise in the neighborhood, and we just had to wait for it to subside because nothing else worked. So, that put us back by two hours or so. That delay itself highlights the very need for Upanishads, the meaning of life, the meaning of time, the significance, if any, of the new year, the meaning of celebration, the role of music and excitement and loss of consciousness.

So, all these things are there, and they affect our life quite intimately, quite deeply. But in the absence of wisdom, like that from the Upanishads, we fail to grasp the importance of these issues and therefore we live our lives in very mechanical, programmed and…