Pure may appear the intention, but ignorant behaviour is still deception

Acharya Prashant
2 min readMay 23, 2020

The real meaning of deceptive behaviour or false behaviour is that it is arising not from a pure mind but from a conditioned mind. Now, from a conditioned mind, whatever behaviour arises, even if it is morally sound, deserves to be called a fake behaviour.

See, spirituality makes the whole matter very simple, there are not many things, there is either Truth or illusion. And all illusions are the same. So, one need not invest himself greatly figuring out the specifics of an illusion. All illusions are the same, and they come from the same reason and same center, that is why the spiritual man can relax. He doesn’t have too much to think about. When there are too many objects then there are bound to be too many thoughts. Everything appears different, and whatever appears different demands a new story and a new explanation.

To the spiritual man, all this is One

And the riddle is already solved. So, what is there to think? Relax. You come across a new animal and you become so excited, you want to figure out where it is coming from, whether the specie is already discovered, whether it is a new specie, how many months does it live, how long is its gestation period, is it a mammal or something else.

You want to figure out so many things.

To the spiritual mind, a being is a being, the rest is not severely important.

If you know the rest, alright; general knowledge; even if you don’t, know it doesn’t matter.

How does it matter how many teeth my rabbit has? I never counted. And I won’t count. But, your books have all the knowledge about the teeth of rabbit. But they know nothing about my rabbit. My rabbit, only I know, and I know my rabbit even without knowing the number of its teeth. Right?

You may have all the knowledge about the length of the human intestine, but do you know yourself?

You may know how long is your intestine, now how does that help you? You may know how many beats per minute a healthy heart should have, will that give you a healthy heart?

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